Wesleyan students create COVID-19 geoapp for the NYC Commuting Region

A former and a current GIS Assistant (Grant van Inwegen and Jesse Simmons) used ArcGIS Online to help create a regional view of the NYC COVID-19 outbreak. Here is an excerpt from the Traveler’s Lab blog post at https://travelerslab.research.wesleyan.edu/2020/04/27/covid-19-in-nyc/. The Traveler’s Lab at Wesleyan University studies the movement of people and objects during the middle ages. … Read more

Visualizing a Disease Outbreak Using ESRI Story Maps

Wesleyan alum Sophie Breitbart (’16 BIOL), currently a Ph.D. student in the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at the University of Toronto, is corresponding author on a peer-reviewed paper describing a story map lab exercise that can be used to teach undergrads about disease ecology by modeling the spread of a norovirus outbreak over time. Sophie T. Breitbart … Read more

Students present posters, win prizes at GIS conference

Eight E&ES 344 Advanced GIS students presented posters at the Northeast Arc Users Group Spring Spatial Technologies Conference, May 9, University of Massachusetts Amherst. The posters highlighted the students’ semester-long research and service-learning projects incorporating applications of advanced geographic information systems skills. Titles and abstracts for the posters can be found at http://nearc.sites.amherst.edu/program2016/. Stephanie Ling (’16) won the poster contest with her innovative spatial humanities research with Prof Gary Shaw examining the spatiotemporal mobility of bishops in Medieval England. E&ES 344, taught by Kim Diver, is a project-based learning course that is part of the Academy for Project-Based Teaching and Learning hosted by the Center for Pedagogical Innovation. The 14 students in the course conducted independent research projects, worked with faculty on their research projects, or collaborated with community partners on service-learning projects. Half of the course’s projects were represented at the conference.

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Wesleyan Interactive Campus Map

Wesleyan Campus Mapping Project. The map below is the story map prototype for an intreractive Wesleyan Campus Map created by introductory GIS students (E&ES 324) in collaboration with Wesleyan Facilities and Physical Plant. Student cartographers include DeNeile Cooper, Rebecca Sokol, Chloe Holden, and Katy Thompson. (Click here for the original story map format.)