zoom cartography seminars

A consortium of map societies, including The New York Map Society, offer Zoom lectures. See John Docktor’s map calendar for details of these and other virtual events and exhibitions: http://www.docktor.com/meeting.htm, and http://www.docktor.com/exhibit.htm.

“Indigenous Mapping” at the third Barry Lawrence Ruderman Conference on Cartography

From October 20-22, the Rumsey Map Center at Stanford University will present “Indigenous Mapping,” the third Barry Lawrence Ruderman Conference on Cartography.Though the conference is free, you must register. Info here:https://library.stanford.edu/rumsey/public-events/barry-lawrence-ruderman-conference-cartography. Among the speakers is UCONN history professor Santiago Munoz Arbelaez.   Also available are summaries and videos from the previous Ruderman conferences: the first, … Read more