Mapping voter behavior across the country

Voter turnout in this year’s midterm elections could be higher than in 2014, with polls showing more competitive races and higher levels of interest among the public. This article examines voter participation rates in the 2016 election and discusses demographic factors. Share of adult citizens who voted in 2016. Click on image for full map … Read more

Research Assistant posting

The UW EarthLab seeks a Temporary Research Assistant for studies of outdoor recreation and nature-based tourism.  The employee will be responsible for developing and maintaining software and scripted workflows that aggregate data on park use… The successful candidate will be a friendly, intelligent, self-directed individual who is passionate about working on collaborative projects for social good. This position … Read more

Job posting: Conservation Monitoring Officer

Rainforest Trust seeks experienced conservation professional to manage both spatial and non-spatial data to monitor the progress of a growing portfolio of Key Biodiversity Area (KBA) projects across the tropics. Rainforest Trust is a 501c3 non-profit organization founded in 1988. Partnering with the most respected conservation organizations in the world’s tropical regions, Rainforest Trust supports the protection of critical habitat for endangered species through local partnership.

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