3 Funded GIS Ph.D. Positions – College of William and Mary

The AidData research lab at William and Mary (www.aiddata.org) invites applications for up to three funded doctoral research positions, hosted within the Department of Applied Science.

An annual stipend, tuition, recreation fees and health insurance are provided. Prospective students will work closely with the AidData Research and Evaluation Unit in support of at least one of two key institutional objectives – GIE and GEO.  The AidData-GEO initiative (www.geoquery.org) seeks to provide novel types of spatial data of high relevance to the international development community using high performance computation and machine learning.  The AidData-GIE initiative (www.aiddata.org/gie) focuses on the nexus of micro-econometric and GIScience methods to provide impact evaluations to the development community.
We seek highly self-motivated researchers who desire to help bridge the gap between basic research leveraging spatial data and applied international development questions.  Prospective students should have a strong knowledge of spatial data manipulation in Python or R, spatial data collection, spatial analytics and related areas.  We anticipate the most successful candidates will have past experience using spatial or micro-economic analysis techniques (AidData-GIE), or machine learning techniques (AidData-GEO).
For informal inquiries regarding these positions, please contact Dr. Dan Runfola (danr@wm.edu).  To learn more about the AidData Research and Evaluation team, please visit https://www.aiddata.org/people. If you have inquiries you would like to make of the existing Ph.D. students working within the AidData REU, please contact geo@aiddata.wm.edu.
To formally apply, visit: