GIS equity & social justice groups and programs

Esri GIS for Equity & Social Justice Team 

Extremely intersectional, helps coordinate many internal and external groups in many joint events, resources and offerings. 

“Esri Community (geonet)” Section for the ESJ Group: 




Black Girls M.A.P.P. 


Blacks in GIS 


WeCan  (Women Enablement and Career Advance Network) 


Young Professionals Network (YPN) 


Esri Accessibility Group: 

“We are committed to creating accessible technology” Esri is a pioneer in mapping and spatial analytics software, and we understand our responsibility to uphold our values toward inclusivity, diversity, and equality throughout the company and ArcGIS system. We believe there should be no barriers to what users can achieve with our software. We are committed to creating accessible products and services compatible with the latest assistive technologies that conform to current software accessibility standards and guidelines. 

Example posting  “Towards an Accessible Basemap” 


The following don’t have dedicated external sites yet. 

Esri  ECOS  Environmental & Sustainability Community 

Esri  LGBTQIA  Community 

ADPI  (Asian, Desi, and Pacific Islander) Community   

Co-sponsored recent internal seminar with Ibram X Kendi on anti-racism: 

Claro: Esri  Latinx  Community 

LAUG – Usuarios Latinoamericanos de Esri – Latin American Users public Group