Doctoral student opportunity UMaryland College Park

There is a new opening for a PhD student opportunity in the Department of Geographical Sciences at the University of Maryland, College Park (¬†Doctoral students in the department receive full health benefits, tuition waivers, and stipends through a mix of teaching and research assistantships (~24k for 20 hours/week), as well the opportunity to earn additional income through summer teaching, research, and internships. This particular position comes with a 50% release (requires only 10 hours/week) for the first year through a Dean’s Fellowship. The Department of Geographical Sciences is composed of internationally renowned faculty and College Park is uniquely positioned in the Washington D.C. metropolitan area for unparalleled opportunity to interact with federal agencies, non-profits, local government, and industrial partners. The position will focus on developing and applying Spatial Data Science techniques and the student will be a member of the Center for Geospatial Information Science (¬†Potential research areas include multiscale spatial statistics, modeling human mobility, and open source tool development, with applications in health, demography, transportation, and urban analytics. Strong applicants will have experience programming (e.g., Python, R, Matlab) and a solid foundation in statistical methods. Other useful skills include web application development, geovisualization, machine learning, and the ability to collect and manage heterogeneous datasets. Candidates with experience or interest in spatial interaction modeling, regionalization algorithms, or geographically weighted regression methods are particularly encouraged to apply. Please direct inquiries to Dr. Taylor Oshan ( and include a resume/cv with expressions of interest.