Job open at Stanford Geospatial Center

The Stanford Geospatial Center is hiring new GIS Assistants to work in their GIS lab.

GIS Assistant
The Stanford Geospatial Center (SGC) is seeking a pair of part time Geographic Information Systems
(GIS) Assistants. The SGC provides geospatial training and support to the Stanford community. For
more information about our program visit
We are hiring a GIS assistant with working knowledge of common geospatial software, web applications
and data to provide general help to GIS lab patrons. Additionally, we are looking to fill a secondary
position with a focus on geospatial programming skills using R, Python or SQL.
Application filing date: open until filled.
Hourly wage: $16, depending on qualifications
Hours per week: 15 hours. Flexible schedule between M-F and 9:00am – 5:00pm
Starting date: June, 2018
-Provide basic GIS support to users from a wide-range of academic disciplines, from undergraduates to
post-doctoral scholars and faculty.
-Examples of user support include:
• searching for geospatial data online
• preparing data for use in a GIS
• assistance in setting up GIS map documents and workspaces
• troubleshooting map document issues (e.g. missing data links and mismatched projections)
• basic instruction in spatial analysis, mainly using ArcToolbox
-Assist as needed in tasks such as configuring, updating, and troubleshooting a small
computer cluster.
-Work with the SGC manager and Reference and Instruction Specialist in GIS-related projects and
Required knowledge and skills:
-Education/experience with GIS concepts and spatial analysis.
-Working knowledge of QGIS or ESRI products, particularly ArcGIS and extensions.
-Enthusiasm to learn and adapt to rapidly evolving geo-spatial technologies.
Desired qualifications:
Familiarity with:
-ArcGIS Online
-Mapbox Studio
To apply:
Please send a statement of interest and resume to David Medeiros: