GIS Fellowship for recent undergrad or Masters level

Continue reading for a GIS Fellowship located in Juneau, Alaska– a great opportunity for a recent undergrad or Masters graduate.

I (Erik Johnson) am offering an opportunity for a GIS fellow through the Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education (ORISE) to join me in supporting the Forest Service’s Office of Sustainability and Climate program. The opportunity is available for recent graduates who have completed a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree within the last five years. The internship pays a stipend, around $72k per year for someone with a graduate degree, less for undergrad, plus possibilities for additional allowances. The time period for the fellowship is for one full year with an option to extend up to two additional years. I plan to have someone in place by April 24. The duty location is the 5th floor of the Juneau Federal Building where the Forest Service Alaska Regional Office is located.   

The fellow will participate in work on developing national web maps and AGOL story map applications in additional to gaining experience on various GIS analytical and data management projects. Our work is focused on topics including climate change vulnerability assessments and adaptation plans, drought risk assessments, carbon sequestration and flux, greenhouse gas emissions, and energy management. A lot of our projects have a communications and outreach focus although there will be opportunities to gain experience on geospatial analysis as well.

Here is a link to the announcement: I have been told the application process can take several days to complete. There is no closing date on the announcement but I plan on looking through the applications and making a selection by April 5. Feel free to email or call me (Erik) for more information at or 907-586-8872.