Chesapeake Conservancy Hiring for Geospatial Project Manager

The Chesapeake Conservancy is seeking applicants for a Geospatial Project Manager within the Conservation Innovation Center from now through March 17th.

The Geospatial Project Manager will be responsible for overseeing the full lifecycle of GIS projects within the Chesapeake Conservancy’s Conservation Innovation Center (CIC). This involves working with CIC management to scope projects based on overall grant or project timeline, available staff, and available budget. With minimal guidance, the Project Manager will be responsible for timelines and deadlines; coordinating project staff and client expectations and standards; workflow development, training, and execution; troubleshooting; deliverable quality; and client communication. Types of projects include mapping high resolution land cover and flow paths, researching best technical and scientific practices in academic and professional literature, prioritizing restoration efforts of stakeholder groups, producing compelling visuals such as maps and tables for under-resourced partners, and building desktop as well as web tools to facilitate GIS access. Several software packages will be used in producing deliverables, including ArcGIS, ENVI, R, and eCognition.
Please see position description for more details.