Graduate Assistantships in Watershed Science, Fluvial Geomorphology, and GIS

Missouri State University. Assistantships including stipend and full tuition waiver are available for students in the Master’s degree program in Geospatial Science in the fields of physical geography (geomorphology, hydrology, and soils), environmental geology (geochemistry and karst), and GIS/remote sensing at

The Ozarks Environmental and Water Resources Institute and Department of Geography, Geology, and Planning have openings for teaching and research assistants for Fall 2016 to complete the following projects (
1) Assessment of engineered large wood structures to mitigate channel instability in Ozarks Rivers.
2) Effect of forest management and prescribed burning on hydrologic processes, sedimentation, and channel morphology in Mark Twain National Forest, Missouri Ozarks.
3) Water quality monitoring and BMP load reduction assessments for nutrients, bacteria, sediment, and other nonpoint pollutants in urban and mixed use watersheds using SWAT modeling.
4) Spatial and geostatistical analysis of sediment/geochemical properties on urban- and mining-contaminated floodplains.
5) Ozarks water atlas project- development and analysis of historical imaging data sets to evaluate land use and management effects on hydrological networks and water resources.

Interested students should contact:
Bob Pavlowsky, physical geography & fluvial geomorphology:
Xiaomin Qiu, GIS & geostatistics: