Student PIRGs jobs

From the the Recruitment Director with the Student PIRGs:

Make a Difference as a Campus Organizer!

The Student PIRGs is hiring Recent College Graduates to be full-time organizers on campuses around the country including MA, RI, North Carolina, the Pacific Northwest, and more. Below is a bit more about the position and how to apply.

Students have been, and continue to be at the forefront of movements to build a better future for our country. But students only make real progress when they’re organized, have the skills to be effective, and have a strategic plan to get things done. That’s where we come in: For almost 50 years, the Student PIRGs have been working to amplify the power of student activism. We help students make real change, right now, that will help all Americans to live meaningful lives and have a greener and healthier future. 

We’re hiring recent graduates to be campus organizers to help recruit and train the next generation of activists to tackle climate change, single use plastics, hunger and homelessness and more. If you can spread the word about the jobs, and/or apply yourself, you’ll help train the next generation of activists to tackle our shared problems. 

Are you ready to apply?- visit our website now.

As a full-time organizer with the Student PIRGs’, your responsibilities will include:

  • Inspiring and recruiting hundreds of students to take action on important issues.
  • Training students to be effective social change leaders so they can run strategic campaigns, using skills like organizing news conferences, building strong coalitions, generating grassroots support, and coordinating lobby days.
  • Building a strong, sustainable, student-funded, and student-run organization on campus by fundraising, building relationships with key players on campus, and building our brand. 
  • Building relationships with other student groups, faculty and administrators.
  • Working alongside students to win real reforms for the public.
  • Running a citizen outreach office during the summer, where you’ll recruit and lead a team of canvassers to fundraise for important issues.


If you want to help students get organized, mobilized, and energized apply today.