Job Posting: GIS Analyst

Job Responsibilities

Data Management and GIS Technical Support (80% of time required)

  • Acquire new datasets relevant to GFWCF, in the context of identified thematic and geographic research priorities
  • Provide GIS technical support for GFW Pro users and WRI staff, including debugging and hands on training
  • Process and manage GIS datasets for GFW Pro
  • Develop protocols for confidential data sharing
  • Manage GFW Pro data quality assurance, including running and comparing GIS analysis results
  • Automate certain data cleaning and management processes
  • Prepare map services for web mapping applications using ArcGIS server and ArcGIS online

 Outreach and Communication (10% of time required)

  • Field and respond to GIS technical inquiries from GFW Pro and other private sector users
  • Write technical publications to document spatial analysis methods
  • Prepare online and printed maps for GFWCF partners and communications materials
  • Represent GFWCF and give presentations at relevant conferences
  • Communicate about GFW Pro data and analytical content to non-technical audiences

 Research and Analysis (10% of time required)

  • Analyze spatial data, including deriving spatial statistics, using geoprocessing tools.
  • In collaboration with private sector engagement leads, perform analyses or develop models to support new indicators of sustainability
  • Lead and coordinate geographic analysis and provide scientific support for GFWC
  • Provide guidance and leadership to other GIS staff with respect to technical analysis

To apply, candidates should submit a resume and cover letter. Applicants must apply through the WRI Careers portal to be considered.