Job posting: geospatial intern

The Global Solutions Geospatial Intern will work on GIS and RS efforts currently underway in the Global Synthesis Team, including:

Geospatial analysis supporting integration of degradation indicators for socioeconomic data for identifying priority areas of restoration as part of Trends.Earth/Land degradation neutrality initiative; geospatial analysis supporting identification of restoration priority areas; assisting in managing the geodatabase for the Palm Oil Risk Assessment Tool (PORT); Firecast system testing; Development of time series analysis of productivity indicators combining Landsat and Sentinel products to improve current degradation indicators available through Trends.Earth; review available published research on remote sensing methods for monitoring biophysical impacts of restoration efforts and implement the analysis in Google Earth Engine.

The Geospatial Intern will also assist in gathering and distributing routine GIS data and information. As directed, the Intern will generate, collate, organize, maintain and archive GIS data.

Synthesize available published research on time series analysis of Landsat and Sentinel data.
Synthesize available published research on remote sensing monitoring of restoration efforts.
Support the implementation of time series analysis into Google Earth Engine environment.
Document analytical methods and present findings to the team.
Assist in providing GIS/RS technical input to planning, project development, report writing, and related activities.
Provide user support and technical assistance to CI and other partners as directed.
As directed, organize technical meetings, manage correspondence and meeting minutes, and coordinate with partners.
Generate GIS digital data, thematic maps, map layouts and other spatial products.
Collate and encode spatial data to facilitate data archiving, retrieval and processing.
Load and update GIS in existing databases using appropriate software.
Secure data with appropriate backup procedures.
Develop maps and related data for inclusion in reports and publications.
Ensure consistency with CI’s intellectual property rights prior to publication and/or release.
To view the full posting and to apply, please use the online portal: chc01/ats/careers/requisition. jsp?org=CONSERVATION&cws=1& rid=1174