Recent disaster relief data

The World-Wide Human Geography Data Working Group (WWHGD WG) team has compiled an initial list of sources that contain data, information and products in support of Hurricane Irma and the Mexico Earthquake response and recovery.  

Hurricane Irma

Foundation Data:

HDX (includes Foundation Data as well as other data): search?q=(groups:atg+OR+ groups:kna+OR+groups:vir+OR+ groups:pri+OR+groups:hti+OR+ groups:dom+OR+tags= hurricaneirma)&ext_page_size= 25&sort=metadata_modified+ desc&ext_cod=1


Hurricane Irma Relevant Data:

APAN: pfa/hurricane-irma/

Esri – Disaster Response Page: disaster-response/hurricanes

Esri – Mapping Tweets Associated with Irma: apps/StoryMapCrowdsource/ index.html?appid= 65f0dde429504c3cb07f0cae0f2c4b e6

EU Copernicus: http://emergency.copernicus. eu/mapping/list-of-components/ EMSR234http://emergency.copernicus. eu/mapping/list-of-components/ EMSR233http://emergency.copernicus. eu/mapping/list-of-components/ EMSR232

GDACS: aspx?eventtype=TC&eventid= 1000393

GDELT Project:

Haiti Data Project:

Humanitarian Open Street Map – Create custom OpenStreetMap (OSM) exports: exports/create/

Humanity Road Hurricane Irma Situation Report: situation-reports/caribbean/ hurricane-irma

MapAction: event/irma

Prevention Web: english/maps/index.php?cid=12

Relief Web from UN: anguilla/damage-assessment- southern-part-anguilla-island dom; dom dominican-republic/ prevalencia-de-inseguridad- alimentaria-7-de-septiembre- 2017

UN OCHA: hurricane-irma


Hurricane Irma Real-Time Services and Data Sources:

Pacific Disaster Center (PDC) GeoRSS Feed (ArcGIS Online Capable GeoRSS): http://d2mxabrykbl1km.

Esri ArcGIS Hurricane and Tropical Cyclones: MapSeries/index.html?appid= db6238df958148108cceb3b05619a7 f6

Global Disaster Alert and Coordination System (GDACS) (ArcGIS Online Capable GeoRSS): xml

Recent Weather Radar Imagery (NWS, NOAA) (ArcGIS Online Capable): arcgis/rest/services/nowcoast/ radar_meteo_imagery_nexrad_ time/MapServer

Atlantic Basin Tropical Cyclone (RSS): at.xml

Service-Based Infrastructure:

World Ports (IHO) (ArcGIS Online Capable)

                                                 Large: CuKhy9lf5rURr3iI/arcgis/rest/ services/Large_Ports/ FeatureServer/0

                                                 Medium: CuKhy9lf5rURr3iI/arcgis/rest/ services/MediumPorts/ FeatureServer/0

                                                 Small: CuKhy9lf5rURr3iI/arcgis/rest/ services/SmallPorts/ FeatureServer/0

World Airports (WFP) (ArcGIS Online Capable): 5T5nSi527N4F7luB/arcgis/rest/ services/World_Airports_(WFP)/ FeatureServer/0

Haiti Health Facilities (USAID) (ArcGIS Online Capable): Djjoop3BmZekEtDo/arcgis/rest/ services/Health_Facilities/ FeatureServer/0

Haiti Hospitals (USAID) (ArcGIS Online Capable): Djjoop3BmZekEtDo/arcgis/rest/ services/Haiti_Hosp4/ FeatureServer/1

AGOL Cuba Province Outlines: item.html?id= eadae54129644676923de7f89867d8 62

AGOL Cuba Municipality Outlines: item.html?id= 42cdb158ec5a4dc3b118568eeab32a cb

AGOL Cuba Population by Province: item.html?id= 5e6f37c3d159416d9bd4f33ee25d63 7a

Mexico Earthquake Relevant Data


Amazon Cloud link includes four documents: clouddrive/share/ bZNoS6hk13s0v4sVECD7zVo7R6I14u oqXknvVIwLFWd?_encoding=UTF8&% 2AVersion%2A=1&%2Aentries%2A= 0&mgh=1

1. INEGI Data – INEGI is the National Institute of Statistics and Geography in Mexico. Information on how to access INEGI’s Open Data Portal (GeoPortal) is attached. It includes: agriculture, technology, foreign trade, education, employment, government, housing, imagery, commerce, population, health and justice data.

2. SSNMX_rep_esp_20170907_ Chiapas_M84 (003).pdf includes a description from the Mexican government on the earthquake

3 & 4. Two are reports from Oaxaca first one is an excel table with locations and descriptions of damage and also details loss of life per municipality. The second is a pdf report with pictures of the damage.


Elevation data available for download: contenidos/datosrelieve/ continental/Descarga.aspx

Digital Innovation Strategy Group – Office of the President, Mexico: grupos/rmx

HDX: group/mex

From Tuft’s university: Includes Mexico-related datasets in Open Geoportal, many have been translated as well:

search “Mexico”. Most of the metadata and data have been translated, and web services exist for all the data. Much of the data comes from INEGI.

OGP – Mexico Hydrographic-Related Data

OGP – Mexico Other Data (land use, roads, admin boundaries, etc.)

Pacific Disaster Center: earthquakes/eventpage/ us2000ahv0#executive

Esri Disaster Response Program: disaster-response/earthquakes? adumkts=industry_solutions& aduse=public_safety&aduin= emergency_management&aduc= social&adum=external&aduSF= twitter&utm_Source=social& aduca=M17Emergency_Management_ Clarity_Amidst_the_Chaos& aduco=DRP&adbsc=social_ 20170908_1791531&adbid= 906185879688962048&adbpl=tw& adbpr=1510718227

WorldPop population distribution datasets for Mexico and metadata:http://www.worldpop. search.php&search=mexico

Central American Vegetation/Land Cover Classification and Conservation Status: http://sedac.ciesin.columbia. edu/data/set/lulc-central- american-vegetation-cover- classification/data-download

Global Administrative Areas:

University of Arizona Mexico GIS Data: http://www.library.arizona. edu/help/how/find/maps/gis/ datasets.html  Mexico ;

International Boundary & Water Commission: Maps/GIS_Program.html

Stanford Geospatial Center: branner-library/data-websites- mexico

GIS in Ecology – page containing a multitude of external sources for terrestrial/climatic/marine data: gis_data_sources.htm

ArcGIS layer – Central America River Network: item.html?id= 3e514c6d3c514cabbbb68f94b26080 56

ArcGIS layer – CRP5, Water/Land/Ecosystems, Central America (Mexico excl.): item.html?id= b5cd4e30b4da4d2faab160dc493a9e e4

Princeton Empirical Studies of Conflict (ESOC): country/mexico

“Shapefiles of Mexico” Author: Diego Valle-Jones (data/metadata in Spanish): 2013/06/shapefiles-of-mexico- agebs-manzanas-etc.html