NYS Parks GIS Specialist job

Subject: Job Announcement – NYS Parks GIS Database Specialist

IS Database Specialist

NYS Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation, GIS Bureau

Title: GIS Database Specialist (Park Rec Supervisor)

Location: Albany, NY

Position Type: Long-term, Temporary & Seasonal position

The NYS OPRHP GIS Bureau is seeking a qualified candidate to improve and maintain the existing GIS database of State Park data and to provide recommendations for and implement a database improvement and organization plan.  The preferred candidate will experience writing and implementing Python scripting in ESRI’s software.

Description of duties

The GIS Bureau for NYS OPRHP maintains park boundary, infrastructure, utility, and transportation (including trails) data relating to NYS Park properties.  This data has been collected over several years and is in different formats and relative quality.  A consistent data storage structure and database format need to be developed and implemented.  Implementing this structure will involve editing and cleaning up data for over 200 park facilities.  This process, once developed, will need to be scripted for ease of implementation.

The qualified candidate will be able to write, test and implement python (or another preferred language) scripts to automate the process.

Additional duties may include updating existing data to meet current standards, creating metadata for select datasets and documenting workflow to do such tasks.  Other tasks may include cartographic map production and providing training and technical support to agency staff.


1 – 3 years of demonstrated experience in geographic information systems.  Knowledge of GIS database management.

Bachelor’s degree (BS or BA) in geography, GIS, forestry, environmental science or a closely related field.  GIS certificate or GISP preferred but not required.

Experience with ESRI software suite including scripting.

Duration and Salary: Pay rate approx. $20/hr; maximum 37.5 hours/week

Interested individuals should send a cover letter and resume by May 5, 2017, to:
Christina Croll


GIS Bureau

625 Broadway

Albany, NY 12238