SERVIR-Mekong Science and Data Lead Job Opening at ADPC

The Asian Disaster Preparedness Center (ADPC) has a job opening for a Science and Data Lead for SERVIR-Mekong.


The Science and Data Lead is the principal technical expert in the SERVIR-Mekong hub and the primary technical contact with the NASA science team. The Science and Data Lead reports directly to the SERVIR-Mekong Chief of Party. S/he will take a leadership role in the development and delivery of scientific products and maintain an active network of clients and technical partners in the region. Primarily, s/he will lead the efforts of the wider SERVIR-Mekong technical team to develop new, high quality user-tailored data, tools, applications, and models to address on-the-ground priorities of the Lower Mekong region, but s/he will also contribute to capacity-building of clients, facilitate improved information sharing and active use of geospatial information for decision making in the region, and help ensure sustainability of hub functions at ADPC).


SERVIR-Mekong Science and Data Lead, full description:


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Each interested candidate must submit a CV and a cover letter outlining relevant experience The application deadline is March 10.