High Performance Computing Geospatial Analysis Position Opening

The Minnesota Supercomputing Institute (www.msi.umn.edu/) is hiring a full time geospatial analyst to support research at the University of Minnesota. The successful applicant will join the expanding RIS team (Research Informatics Solutions), currently composed of ten PhD level informatics analysts. RIS was formed specifically to enable cutting edge research as a centralized resource for data analysis expertise. RIS collaborates on research projects with a wide variety of researchers, both internal and external to the University, and across a broad swath of research domains. RIS develops and contributes novel analysis workflows to address the challenges of working with large datasets and emerging data types.

As part of an interdisciplinary team, the successful candidates will be expected to:
* Serve as an analyst and developer for large scale GIS and remote sensing projects across the University of Minnesota campuses.
* Carry out consultative informatics services and research with researchers and faculty.
* Design and develop appropriate informatics strategies related to GIS and remote sensing as required.
* Develop, prototype, and execute analytic workflows for GIS and remote sensing data.
* Assist in building out analytical infrastructure to support common needs of campus researchers.
* Appropriately document work conducted, both to comply with RIS reporting requirements, and to allow the preparation of any analytic reports required by the principal investigator of the project.

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