44th CaGIS Annual Map Design Competition

The Cartography and Geographic Information Society (CaGIS) is pleased to announce our Annual Map Design Competition. The competition is open to all map-makers in the United States and Canada for maps completed or published during the current calendar year (2016). Students are particularly encouraged to apply for the awards sponsored by the National Geographic Society and Avenza (makers of MaPublisher). The purpose of the competition is to promote interest in map design and to recognize significant design advances in cartography. The focus of this competition is design; therefore, judging is based on cartographic design criteria, such as creativity, text (spelling and grammar, too), balance, unity, clarity, use of color, and subject matter.

Student award categories include the Arthur Robinson Award for Best Printed Map, and the David Woodward Award for Best Electronic Map. Professional cartography award categories include best of show, best reference map, best thematic map, best book or atlas, best recreation or travel map, best interactive digital map, and other or uncategorized. Submit your entry by January 31, 2017.Submission guidelines, instructions, and contact information can be obtained from CaGIS’s webpage: www.cartogis.org/awards/contest.php.

For more information, contact Daniel Cole: coled@si.edu or call (202) 633-0747