Graduate school opportunity in geospatial technologies

The Master’s of Science in Geospatial Technologies program at the University of Washington – Tacoma is looking for a funded RA position for the academic year of 2015-2016.

The selected student will support assistant professor Jim Thatcher on a project to map and visualize the multi-dimensional network that spins outward as information is uploaded, shared, accessed, and exchanged across social media and through mobile device use. Proprietary control of information and privacy concerns will necessarily limit and shape the contours of these visualizations revealing, in their obfuscation, where and how individuals and corporations lose control of their digital identity. As society arranges itself in such a way as to be understood through computational query, tracing the complete path of a single piece of data offers unique insight into where, physically and socially, the supposed quantified self emerges within tangles of privately owned data.

The ideal student will have familiarity with both computer programming languages (javascript and python, specifically) as well as qualitative interview techniques; however, an interest in the topic and willingness to learn is more important than specific background familiarity.

The Masters of Science in Geospatial Technologies program is a one year M.S. degree that offers an applied degree in the burgeoning field of geospatial information and technologies. The Research Assistant for this project would have the opportunity to use open-source tools taught in our curriculum in a research environment. This provides the student not only with professional opportunities in research labs, but also with the ability to be directly involved in conference presentations and potential publications.

The application deadline to be considered for this position is April 1st, 2015. Please mention your desire for consideration in your application. Additional details may be found at:

Please send additional inquiries to: