Job Posting: Wetland GIS Specialist

Wetland GIS Specialist

Reporting to the Executive Director of GeoSpatial Services, the Wetland Specialist will be responsible for performing landscape-level wetland identification, delineation, and functional assessments in accordance with the National Wetland Inventory standard following the Cowardin Classification. Additional responsibilities will include performing habitat characterizations and ecological monitoring associated with field-based rapid assessment methods including floristic quality assessments and other rapid assessment approaches. The position will also be responsible for report preparation associated with landscape level wetland delineation, contributing to applied science associated with wetland functional assessment and working directly with partners, stakeholders and other groups.

Specific responsibilities include:

  • image interpretation, delineation and classification of wetlands and other natural features;
  • application of federal wetland mapping standard Classification of Wetland and Deepwater Habitats of the United States (Cowardin, 1979) and other classification systems as required;
  • managing imagery and other ancillary GIS databases;
  • application of the principles of wetland science, hydrology, soil science, vegetation identification and geomorphology in support of image interpretation, classification and assessment;
  • field vegetation surveys applying appropriate floristic quality assessment (FQA) methods to calculate vegetative based indices of biologic integrity in a variety of ecoregions;
  • project scheduling, performance monitoring, and assigning team member tasks;
  • quality assurance and quality control including pre mapping and post mapping field verification;
  • participating as a team member in GIS product design, development, and maintenance; and,
  • providing image interpretation training, development and mentoring for junior staff.

Requires an accredited Bachelor of Science degree (Master’s with Professional Wetland Scientist Certification preferred) in environmental biology, ecology, natural resources, or environmental science with associated education/training in GIS and a minimum of three (3) years of experience in landscape-level wetland delineation from remote imagery (aerial or satellite). Experience applying the FGDC federal wetland mapping standard and working with spatial data development in an ArcGIS environment to conduct indirect and direct assessment of wetland hydrology, soils and vegetation both remotely and in the field. Understanding of the theory and principles of wetland functional assessment and the development of spatial data using remote sensing software in a production environment would be beneficial. The successful candidate must have strong team-working skills and be able to respect and advance the mission of Saint Mary’s University as a LaSallian Catholic institution.

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