Job Posting: GIS and Data Analyst at Memorial Park Conservancy

GIS and Data Analyst is responsible for performing technical tasks related to the maintenance and development of Geographic Information System (GIS), Global Positioning System (GPS), Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) equipment and software, databases, metadata, applications, maps, printing and scanning, reports, queries, etc. to support the Conservancy. GIS and Data Analyst demonstrates ability to apply the principles and practices of GIS and database management into all aspects of Conservancy functions, including conservation, operations, and public outreach. Reports to the Conservation Director and works collaboratively to develop GIS and GPS protocol, policies, and procedures; read and interpret technical site information and construction plans; prepare graphics and a variety of maps. GIS Analyst collects, organizes, and analyzes technical, statistical and related information pertaining to ecological restoration, park management, and research.

  • Develop and maintain Conservancy geodatabase and applications; coordinate GIS and database management efforts for, and on behalf of, the Conservancy; Develop and maintain data acquisition hardware and software, including Trimble GPS, Phantom 4Plus UAV, GPS Pathfinder, ESRI ArcGIS, and other park management software used by the Conservancy; Develop analytical tools to advance ecological restoration and research for the park.
  • Create reports, maps, and other presentation materials, such as story maps.
  • Maintain inventory and protocols for all hardware and software to provide appropriate access to Conservancy staff for field data gathering.
  • Coordinate with consultants to acquire data, integrate geocoded data into Conservancy GIS, and convert from other design and engineering software systems, as needed.
  • Provide geocoded data to partner agencies, as needed to support park management and emergency response services.
  • Perform other data management duties, as assigned.

Knowledge of:

  • Computer-based GIS, GPS, and their applications; GIS software development tools.
  • Statistical and research methods as applied to the collection, tabulation and presentation of data.
  • Computerized applications for research, analysis and presentation (spreadsheet, database and presentation programs).
  • UAV operations and regulations.


  • Bachelor Degree in geography, ecology, or other data analytic intensive field of study.
  • At least 2-3 years of experience in GIS, data analysis, and geodatabase development.
  • GIS Certification Institute or ESRI certifications preferred.

Compensation: Salary plus full medical, dental, and vision benefits, paid time off, short and long -term disability, and 401K retirement plan. Salary from $40k-50k based on experience.

Contact: Elizabeth Taylor