MA/PhD position in Spatial modeling/Physical geography

Looking for a MA or PhD student to work on a NSF-funded project on the spatial patterns of soil, water, and biodiversity to begin in the fall semester 2016. The project will address how such patterns can be better understood in light of more readily available environmental factors, such as landforms and climatic conditions. Through spatial modeling of these multiple natural resources, the investigators aim to develop general theories of Earth surface processes that can be widely applied to a range of environmental systems. Applicants should have deep understanding of and, preferably, experience with the concept of spatial autocorrelation and spatial regression.

We are looking for a PhD or MA student to join Professor Daehyun Kim in the Geography Department at the University of Kentucky. Because the project is collaborative, the student will have the opportunity to also work with and receive mentoring from Professor Heejun Chang in the Geography Department at Portland State University and Professor Yongwan Chun at the University of Texas at Dallas.

The Department of Geography offers a supportive environment and competitive funding packages for MA (2 years) and PhD students (4 years) that include tuition scholarships and health insurance. For more information on the application process for our graduate program please If you have general questions about the application and admissions process please contact the Director of Graduate Studies, Professor Ehrkamp ( For questions directly related to the research project and the research assistantship please contact Dr. Daehyun Kim ( Review of graduate applications begins on January 15, 2016. Applications are accepted via the Graduate School’s online portal. Please see… for further information. Please also make sure in your application to mention your interest in this funded research.

Dr. Daehyun Kim (;