Upcoming GIS Working Group meeting

GIS Working Group – Story maps in the classroom
Thursday February 19

1:00 – 2:00 pm
Fisk 115
light snacks and refreshments provided

This month’s GIS Working Group meeting will include a discussion about story maps in the classroom. Colleaugues who have implemented and are currently using story maps as a pedagogical tool will share their experiences. Story maps combine interactive online maps with other content (text, photos, video, audio) to portray a place, event, issue, or pattern within a geographic context. Story maps can use the tools of a geographic information system but don’t require creators or users to have any special knowledge of GIS.

The GIS Working Group is an informal meeting to explore issues of incorporating geographic information systems (GIS), mapping, and spatial technologies into teaching and scholarship. The main goal of the group is to connect the growing network of Wesleyan’s GIS users on a regular basis in order to provide an inclusive venue for engaging interested faculty and staff in exploring and expanding the use of spatial technologies in their own work and to foster interdisciplinary collaborations. Funding for the GIS Working Group provided by an Allbritton Center for the Study of Public Life Collaborative Project Grant.