Upcoming WesGIS Workshops

  1. Introduction to Geographic Information Systems. October 29, 12:00-2:00, PAC 100. Short presentation followed by hands-on workshop introducing fundamental concepts and skills to begin using a GIS. Good for beginner or for current GIS users that want to update to ArcGIS 10.2. Participants may attend all or a portion of the workshop. Topics include: what kind of analyses GIS can be used for, getting data into a GIS, querying data by location and attributes, simple data analysis and visualization, creating a map for export. Contact: Kim Diver.
  2. Creating Your Own WebMaps. November 12, 2:40-4:00, Exley Science Center Room 74. Short demonstration followed by hands-on workshop. Designed for participants with little to no GIS or web experience who want to create web maps using ArcGIS Online or Google Fusion Tables. Contact: Kim Diver.